The Beauty of The Warmup

I know it’s common to skip the warmup when your time at the gym is limited. Especially if we are late to the gym and we are amped to just start our session with our friends. However, skipping the warmup increases our risk for injury…yikes! My hope is that this little blog convinces you that […]

Let’s Talk Footwork

When climbers come to me to help them get better, I often hear “I think I just need to get stronger, but I don’t know how to.” I used to believe them and assume that they understood the importance of technique and efficient movement until I became a better coach and realized that is a […]

You are a Climber, Too

Growing up as a competitive ‘climber’ I thought I needed to have a certain body type to really be classified as such. The typical body type that I saw at competitions was…you guessed it…thin and somewhat lanky. And well, I wasn’t naturally thin like my competitors or the girls in the older age divisions. I […]

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