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Hi there, my name is Chelsea and I’ve been coaching for 18 years. My coaching career started off by being the head coach of a youth team in Atlanta, GA, navigated to being one of the Youth US Team Coaches, and eventually led me to focusing on working primarily with self-identifying women + genderqueer folks. I always say that if they gave PhD’s for climbing education, then I would have mine in movement + technique; it is my favorite thing to teach as it has a lifelong impact on individuals’ climbing and can even allow them to extend their time as a climber. With that said, I really enjoy working with climbers on just about anything – skill development, strategy, general strength + specific strength training, and mindset. I believe a great coach is like a mentor who helps us find the most efficient path to realizing our goals and guides us in learning more about ourselves.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.”
- Timothy Gallwey
in-person Group Coaching @ G1 Climbing + Fitness

This community based 4-week program focuses on building the foundations of both technique and strength with the goal of creating more resilient, confident and empowered climbers + humans. 

There are two different levels to Femme Foundations; FF 1.0 and FF 2.0. Femme Foundations 1.0 focuses on introducing topics ranging from basic training strategy, technique, and general strength training. Most of the climbing drills we do will be in the bouldering area on easy terrain and is appropriate for those who are new to climbing or have not have any formal education around technique. 

In FF 2.0, we take our knowledge from FF 1.0 and apply to route climbing. This course would also be appropriate for those who haven’t taken FF 1.0, but who are climbing consistently around 5.10-5.11 and beyond as we begin working on more advanced technique skills such as pacing, active rest, etc during our time together. 

Femme foundations is an innovative group program created to bring you some of the best technique, movement + strength coaching.

You’ll have a professional’s eyes on your climbing, be led by Coach Chelsea, while also getting support from the entire group. Most people find that strength is what is holding them back from achieving their goals, but usually it’s a lack of a strong technical foundation + indecisive movement patterns that prevent them from topping out or clipping the chains, or a combination of the two.

Creating a strong base + understanding for the foundational skills in climbing, while simultaneously building strength to support your movement are critical to becoming the best climber you can be. In this 4-week group program you will get a strength training program, learn how to integrate intentional practices and drills into your climbing routine, and get feedback from both Coach Chelsea + the group.

VIP Custom Coaching

This is my most highly supported coaching program that I offer. Together we take a deep dive into your climbing, work on creating motivating + sustainable goals together, and work closely to improve mindset around climbing. This program emphasizes the four elements of becoming a better climber; strength, technique + movement, mindset and strategy. The emphasis of each element really depends on where you are in your climbing journey, although we will touch on all of these elements!

This program includes:

  • 12 weeks of custom climbing + strength training delivered to the SSC app
  • Unlimited text/voice messaging support
  • Weekly video analysis
  • Personal Google Drive for all educational content
  • Weekly touch-in’s via Zoom, phone or Google Meet

This program is made for those who need less support through their training – but still are looking for that accountability. This program emphasizes strength, technique + movement, with mindset and strategy sprinkled in for self reflection and personal work.

This program includes:

  • 12 weeks of custom training delivered to the SSC app
  • Weekly checkin through SSC app
  • Weekly video analysis 
  • Personal Google Drive for all educational content 
  • Monthly touch-in’s via Zoom, phone or Google Meet

Custom Coaching

Beta Session

90 minutes

These sessions are created for those who aren’t ready to fully commit to working with a coach, but want some professional advice and direction.

This is a 90-minute recorded consultation where we will review your technique through video analysis, goal setting, dialing in your training and anything you want to review. You will receive a PDF document outlining my suggestions + analysis of your climbing, along with a 15 minute follow up call a month later to get any last minute questions answered.

I am now offering private coaching sessions at G1 Climbing + Fitness. G1 is located in Broomfield, Colorado.

Here, I offer one-time sessions as well as 4-session packages. You do not need to be a member of the gym, however you will still need to purchase day pass(es) when working with me. 

These sessions are completely tailored to each individual. As a coach, I emphasize the four elements of becoming a better climber; strength, technique + movement, mindset and strategy. The emphasis of each element really depends on where you are in your climbing journey, although we will likely touch on all of these elements!


In-Person coaching @ G1 Climbing + Fitness

75 minutes

Crag Coaching

Are you stoked to get in-person coaching AND be outside on the rocks? If so, then this is perfect for you.

During the crag coaching sessions, we have the opportunity to work through technique + movement, mindset and strategy. These sessions are tailored to fit your needs to help you achieve your climbing goals, whether that’s to climb harder grades, get feedback on your movement, or learn better climbing systems.

These can be local to the front range of Colorado, or in other destinations. Prices does change with how far I need to travel to meet you. 

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