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The She Sends ambassador program

Our Ambassador Program was created to build leadership opportunities for both women and genderqueer humans, to create safe spaces for community engagement, and bring more education to the community. We hope you’ll find some events that resonate with you and bring value to your climbing journey. 

We are currently accepting applications for 2023, and will be bringing on 3 new ambassadors next year. Applications are open until January 15th at 11:59pm MST. 

Ambassador Team

Alee Russell (She/her) - Western Slope, CO

ALee (she/her) is a climber based out of Carbondale, Colorado who enjoys sport climbing and bouldering.

“The Western Slope is a wild and wonderful place with many incredible self-identified women climbers, but it’s been hard to build a strong centralized community here. Small communities mean smaller pools of people and unique barriers and challenges to climbing and the outdoors. I’m actively working to understand those problems and I believe that with She Sends Collective we can work to understand those issues and find solutions. All in all, I’m hoping to find ways in which we can better connect women who want to climb within the western slope.

I’m an introvert, I love being at home with slippers and a bowl of soup, but climbing has been a way to experience the world and break many conceptions that I have previously held about myself and others, and that is something I think we all should strive to do.”

Darcie Bentz (she/her) - Western Slope, CO

Darcie (she/her), a climber based out of Ridgway, Colorado who enjoys cooking and baking, swimming, and weight training says she “climbs because it is both physically and emotionally healing for me! Living with ADHD it can be hard to find calm, but when I climb, I enter a meditative state where I can stay focused and push my limits.

I really want to create a safe, open space for all women + gender non-conforming humans to feel comfortable learning how to climb, train, and meet others who have similar interests! I live in rural, SW Colorado where entering the sport can be a bit intimidating, and I want to change that! I want everyone to feel confident and welcomed, whether at the crag or training at our local gym!

Kristi Buckley (she/her) - New River Gorge, West Virginia

Kristi (she/her) is a sport climber and boulderer based out of Fayetteville, WV! In addition to climbing, Kristi is also into in weight lifting, paddle boarding, yoga, and interior design.

“I’m hoping to provide and create more safe spaces for women and non-binary individuals in the outdoors, specifically The New River Gorge area so that they can feel comfortable and confident taking up space here! I’m excited to hold space for learning while encouraging and supporting other women and non-binary individuals as they continue to step into their power!”

Lisa Park Driscoll (she/her) - Northern Colorado

Lisa is based out of Fort Collins, Colorado where she enjoys sport climbing, camping, paddle boarding, reading, and hanging out with her pets.

“Through She Sends Collective, I hope to create a safe, equitable space for women and genderqueer folks to enjoy the sport and get outdoors. I am passionate about uplifting individuals who have been overlooked by the outdoor community. I look forward to engaging with people who want to connect, support, and open access to the crags for all.

As climbing becomes more popular and mainstream, I hope that the climbing community will be more inclusive of all people. People of all religions, cultural backgrounds, body types, socioeconomic statuses, gender identities, racial groups, sexual orientations, and documentation statuses.”

Sara Holmes (she/her) - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sara (she/her), an environmental educator who is passionate about promoting accessibility and representation in the outdoors and STEM. She is a sport climber  who enjoys cycling, cross country skiing, crafting, and eating ice cream.

“I climb because it combines goal setting with the enjoyment of the beauty of nature while celebrating my body and the amazing things it allows me to do!

I would love to see growth in the accessibility of climbing through mentorship and learning opportunities (like She Sends provides!) that don’t impose a strong financial burden and dismantle systems and norms that cause harm within the climbing community. Renaming of routes, expanding the accessibility of climbing know-how, and building up an inviting community culture can all go a long way!”

Valerie Hawks (she/her) - Denver, CO

Val (she/her) is a photographer and sustainable package designer based out of Arvada, Colorado, who enjoys climbing rock and ice and is a lover of animals and cake.

“I’m excited to be involved with She Sends because of their mission to create community and education for women & genderqueer climbers in a safe space. I’m passionate about climbing, climbing education (and safety #1!), and just having a great day out with rad people.

Climbing has brought immense joy to my life. No matter where I’m at in my climbing journey, if I’m climbing well for me, or if I’ve had to take a break and am coming back and feeling like I’m starting over, it gives me the opportunity to have fun, to push myself, to set goals, to work through my emotions, and to make great friends.

I want to see more body inclusivity as well as overall inclusivity in the sport. I want to climb with more diverse groups of humans because that means that those diverse groups feel safe and comfortable being there. I hate the idea that only certain types of climbing are the only “real” climbing that matters. If you’re “only” climbing in the gym, you’re climbing. If you’re top roping, you’re climbing. If you’re following a sport or trad route, you’re climbing. If you climb a 14er but it’s an “easy” one, you still climbed the mountain!”

apply to be a
she sends ambassador

She Sends Collective is looking for enthusiastic, passionate, and committed women (cis+trans), and other gender minorities across the country to volunteer as SSC Ambassadors in their local communities. Through this leadership position, the SSC Ambassador will organize at least 4 climbing community events over a 12 month period. While the centerpiece of these events are climbing focused, events will also aim to inspire participants to connect with themselves, each other, and the larger community. Ambassadors do not need to be climbing experts, but they should be familiar enough with climbing skills and safety to be a helpful resource to first-time or newer climbers.

A SSC Ambassador should be: 

  • passionate about climbing
  • eager to create connections among women, nonbinary, and GNC climbers in their community
  • friendly, positive, and comfortable with people of diverse identities
  • capable of establishing healthy group norms and boundaries
  • a good role model for other climbers
  • considerate of the social and environmental impacts of climbing

In return for the Ambassador’s dedication to SSC and community development, the Ambassador will receive: 

  • Mentorship from Founder, Chelsea Rude
  • An ambassador kit 
  • The opportunity to connect with other SSC Ambassadors and members of the SSC community
  • A photo and bio on the Ambassador page on the SSC website
  • Features/takeovers on the SSC instagram page

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While the centerpiece of these ambassador held events is climbing focused, events will also aim to inspire participants to connect with themselves, each other, and the larger community. Additionally events may be raising money to help provide scholarship opportunities to women and genderqueer individuals seeking gym memberships, gear funds, and eating disorder recovery.

She Sends