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Welcome to She Sends Collective, a full service woman-owned and operated guiding and coaching organization serving women and genderqueer humans through both climbing & non-climbing experiences, community events and quality education to empower climbers to take their climbing journey wherever they see fit.

climbing education

We believe all climbers deserve access to quality education that equips them with the skills & education necessary to take climbing wherever they want to in a safe and growth promoting way. We also recognize that finances can be a barrier to accessing this quality education. This is why in 2021, we launched our honor-system sliding scale model for ALL of our Outdoor Educational Clinics that serves to make access to education more equitable. 

Woman owned + Operated Climbing Guide Service

Our mission here is to create welcoming and safe spaces for women and other marginalized gender identities to experience climbing in the outdoors. This can be for those who have never climbed outdoors before, those who have previous experience but want to push their limits under an AMGA certified guide or anyone in between. Guided experience can be for you individually, or with you and a group of your friends. 


Do you feel like you’re stuck on a plateau and you’re ready to improve more with your climbing? Or perhaps you struggle with managing fear in climbing. Or maybe you’re new to climbing and you want to learn how to climb better out of the gate. Regardless of what you feel is going on with your climbing, coaching is for everyone. All coaching is done by Chelsea Rude, BA in Integrative Physiology, Performance Climbing Coach, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, former National Champion + US Team Coach, and climbing coach of 19 years. 

Chelsea works with climbers of all climbing levels from beginner to advanced 5.14 (psst. She’s got a few 5.14 ascents under her belt too). 

Coaching can be done in-person at G1 in Broomfield, CO or outdoors along the Front Range or beyond. 

Remote coaching can be done with Chelsea through Climb Strong.

The hands and the heart behind she sends

Hi! I’m Chelsea and I created She Sends Collective as a multifaceted organization. My goals with She Sends is to unite women and genderqueer humans within the community, provide access, uplift leadership, facilitate mentorship and help you along your climbing (and life) journey. While climbing is growing at an exponential rate, it is more important now than ever to provide quality education, mentorship opportunities, and safe & inclusive spaces to these demographics that are still considered minority groups within our sport. This is how we will be able to share our sport with the world in a safe way that allows climbing to be such a powerful tool in our lives.

Chelsea Rude

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the she sends ambassador program

Our Ambassador Program was created to build leadership opportunities for both women and genderqueer humans and to create safe spaces for community engagement. We are currently adding Ambassadors to our team who are passionate about climbing, and eager to create connections amongst women and genderqueer climbers in their community. We are now accepting applications for Ambassadors who will be part of our team for the next year.

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